One thought on “Is Cecchetti Merger Racke’s U.S. End Game?

  1. Stan Summer says:

    Hi Lewis,
    thanks for this feature. Some comment: As far as I remember the past, Marcus Moller-Racke was the owner of Buena Vista and Racke USA was just the sales arm of that winery. However, Buena Vista was sold several years ago and the Racke family formed a new estate: The Donum Estate (Boutique Pinot Noir Estate in the Carneros). In fact, Marcus was a charismatic and inspirational fighter pro the Carneros appellation and one of the founders of the Carneros Quality Alliance (now Carneros Wine Alliance). Marcus Racke was pulled back by his family to run the European distributor enterprise in 1992. Racke was not active in USA since they sold their shares in Buena Vista – and only “returned” as of their involvement as owners of the new Donum Winery and as of a different sales / price channel recently with their involvement in several joint venture driven wines that had been launched worldwide with some stunning success – i.e. Golden Kaan, a wine from South Africa and Espiritu de Chile.
    Great to have a “wine family” with global aspirations and successes back over here! And to me it seems a “natural fit” with Roy Cecchetti. We need more family ventures and less anonymous capital driven conglomerates. Cheers – Stan.

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