SLAPP Shot? How Sulser Bryant’s San Francisco lawsuit against her former financial consultant may violate state law

October 14, 2019

Other articles in this new, three-part series: Sulser Bryant’s imaginary conspiracy Sulser Bryant sues to silence the whistleblower who once saved her $3 million NOTE: This three-part update is based primarily on new court filings and judicial decisions. The accuracy, context and content of these articles are improved because our previous coverage prompted multiple knowledgeable […]

Sulser Bryant sues to silence the whistleblower who once saved her $3 million

October 8, 2019

Other articles to be published in this new, three-part series: SLAPP Shot? How Sulser Bryant’s curiously redundant San Francisco lawsuit against her former financial consultant may violate state law Embarrassment appears to have forced Sulser Bryant to blame her San Francisco lawsuit on a Wine Industry Insight conspiracy?clumsy conspiracy theory worthy of a vaudeville pratfall […]

Ridenhour and Bryant litigation court documents

  Ridenhour complaint-032219 Ridenhour complaint-Amended-042219 Ridenhour complaint-Amended-Exhibit-042219 Response to defendant srequest for premotion conference-060619 Bryant-V-Ridenhour-Complaint- 073019 Bryant-V-Ridenhour-Complaint-Exhibita-073019 Second amended complaint-Ridenhour-073119 Complaint amended-Exhibita-073119 Complaint amended-Exhibitb-073119 Complaint amended-Exhibitc-073119 Complaint amended-Exhibitd-073119 Complaint amended-Exhibite-073119 Declaration Of Bettina Sulser Bryant In Support Of Plaintiff’s Ex Parte Application For (1) Temporary Restraining Order And (2) Order To Show Cause Regarding Preliminary […]

Wine Institute gets almost $1 million increase from U.S. Market Assistance Program (falls one place overall); Northwest wine finally included

September 25, 2019

The California Wine Institute received an increase of nearly $1 million in FY2019 funding from the USDA’s Market Assistance program  despite falling one place in the overall recipient rank. In addition, the Northwest Wine Coalition made its first appearance placing 36th overall, but #2 in alcoholic beverage recipients. Full Excel Spreadsheets are available for Premium […]

Napa County winery visits appear to exceed legal use permit allowances

September 12, 2019

In 2018, 3.85 million people visited Napa County. Each of them visited an average of 3.7 wineries according to survey research conducted by Destination Analysts on behalf of Visit Napa Valley. That makes for an estimated 14.25 million winery visits. However, Napa County Use Permit data indicates that the number of verifiable permitted visits tops […]

Suisun growers move to adjust crush district lines to accurately reflect wine grape values

August 27, 2019

For more than two years, the the Suisun Valley Vintners and Growers Association (SVVGA) has been working to put some distance between its wine grapes and those of the eastern Solano County. They have now begun to put their words into action with a formal request to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) […]

Amazon Prime’s San Francisco DTC delivery licensing in 6 Graphics

August 13, 2019

Our News Fetch link from yesterday:”Amazon applies for license to sell wine online in San Francisco” Brian Roemmele’s Tweet Yesterday that prompted WII to grab more license details. According to the ABC, the licenses are still pending under a Form 220 Hold ABC License Links Type 85 License Details Type 21 License Details These documents […]

Bryant Family Vineyards’ Financial Consultant Amends Complaint, Gets Sued by Bryant Alleging Non-Disclosure Violation

August 2, 2019

Bryant Family Vineyards sued their financial consultant on July 31. The action came just one day after the consultant filed an amended complaint in the case. As first reported by Wine Industry Insight on June 3, the consultant — Lauren Ridenhour — alleged that the winery may be experiencing financial problems. Her original complaint, filed […]