Starmont wine facility buyer is long-time San Francisco entrepreneur/charitable benefactor and no stranger to wine

July 12, 2019

  Today’s Wine Industry Insight News: Starmont Carneros Winery Facility Sold to Private Investor – Brand to remain with Schlatter Family Buyer is Prominent entrepreneur and SF Bay Area charitable benefactor The buyer of the Starmont facility is Bernard “Bernie” Orsi according to multiple high-level sources with detailed knowledge of the transaction. Those sources also […]

Bronco, Gallo & other large wineries dominate Napa County with 70% of permitted production

July 11, 2019

While the name “Napa” has come to represent pinnacle of American ultra-fine wine, in reality, 45% of the permitted production is vested in two companies with budget wine reputations — Gallo and Bronco. Those two companies account for approximately 45% of all permitted wine production in Napa County, according to Wine Industry Insight’s preliminary analysis […]