Suisun growers move to adjust crush district lines to accurately reflect wine grape values

August 27, 2019

For more than two years, the the Suisun Valley Vintners and Growers Association (SVVGA) has been working to put some distance between its wine grapes and those of the eastern Solano County. They have now begun to put their words into action with a formal request to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) […]

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Amazon Prime’s San Francisco DTC delivery licensing in 6 Graphics

August 13, 2019

Our News Fetch link from yesterday:”Amazon applies for license to sell wine online in San Francisco” Brian Roemmele’s Tweet Yesterday that prompted WII to grab more license details. According to the ABC, the licenses are still pending under a Form 220 Hold ABC License Links Type 85 License Details Type 21 License Details These documents […]

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Bryant Family Vineyards’ Financial Consultant Amends Complaint, Gets Sued by Bryant Alleging Non-Disclosure Violation

August 2, 2019

Bryant Family Vineyards sued their financial consultant on July 31. The action came just one day after the consultant filed an amended complaint in the case. As first reported by Wine Industry Insight on June 3, the consultant — Lauren Ridenhour — alleged that the winery may be experiencing financial problems. Her original complaint, filed […]

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Triumph Cellars (formerly Calistoga Cellars) Implodes

July 30, 2019

Previously in Wine Industry Insight: Triumph Wine Group Crowdfunded Financial Offering Marred by Inadequate Disclosure, Misleading Language, Flawed Business Plan WII article prompts Triumph Wine Group to amend SEC filings & web site, but lacks vital state permit to legally make wine Triumph Cellars (formerly Calistoga Cellars) seems to have gone all “404” along with […]

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Starmont wine facility buyer is long-time San Francisco entrepreneur/charitable benefactor and no stranger to wine

July 12, 2019

  Today’s Wine Industry Insight News: Starmont Carneros Winery Facility Sold to Private Investor – Brand to remain with Schlatter Family Buyer is Prominent entrepreneur and SF Bay Area charitable benefactor The buyer of the Starmont facility is Bernard “Bernie” Orsi according to multiple high-level sources with detailed knowledge of the transaction. Those sources also […]

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Bronco, Gallo & other large wineries dominate Napa County with 70% of permitted production

July 11, 2019

While the name “Napa” has come to represent pinnacle of American ultra-fine wine, in reality, 45% of the permitted production is vested in two companies with budget wine reputations — Gallo and Bronco. Those two companies account for approximately 45% of all permitted wine production in Napa County, according to Wine Industry Insight’s preliminary analysis […]

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To-Kalon lawsuit dismissed, but “iconic” still all about myth, Benjamins, and grapes at $38K/Ton

June 28, 2019

NOTE: To-Kalon has variously been written as To Kalon and ToKalon. We have chosen to use the version with a hyphen because that is the style used by the U.S. National Park Service in their Historic Landscapes Survey. Jeremy Nickel’s federal lawsuit against Constellation/Robert Mondavi Winery over its To-Kalon trademar was dismissed by a federal […]

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Valuable oral contract guidance to be had in Bryant Family federal lawsuit

June 18, 2019

NOTE: The text below is redacted and reformatted for improved non-lawyer readability. Among the changes are the elimination of various legal references, shortened paragraphs etc. The full original document can be found at this link (for premium subscribers) Attorneys are consistent in recommending that agreements be captured in written contracts, state laws offer a specific […]

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Bryant Family Vineyards facing serious financial problem says federal court case

June 3, 2019

  Bryant Family Vineyards — one of the most expensive Napa Valley “cult” wineries — may be experiencing financial problems according to a complaint filed in a U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. The winery is one of the original cult wines to emerge during the early 1990s, along with wineries […]

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Boisset, Eisele, Vin-Go, Icon Wines among top creditors in Montesquieu Chapt 11 & yacht debacle

May 28, 2019

The “Spirit of the East” is still sailing the world, but the Montesquieu group of “bespoke collection” wines from Napa Valley and beyond has capsized and is flailing about for a way to right itself with Chapter 11 filings in the Delaware District of U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Montesquieu Inc., a Delaware Corporation, filed for bankruptcy […]

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