Winc (Formerly Club W) comes in at #7 In WII’s Winetech funding survey

June 27, 2018

Relevant links For this start-up, the secret to selling wine online is making it yourself “Club W” Rebrands as “Winc” Previous Wine Industry Insight/Wine Executive News winetech funding profiles:   Lot 18 funding: $44.5 million good enough for 6th place in winetech venture funding At $53 million, Drizly places #4 in winetech funding, but #1 […]

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Cause-Marketing wine company ONEHOPE Raises $33 Million with record number of investors

June 19, 2018

Cause-marketing wine sales company ONEHOPE has raised at least $33 million from at least 44 investors — most of them individuals. The amount raised puts them in the number 8 position in Wine Industry Insight’s wine venture funding series despite the fact that the most recent finding round amount has not been publicly disclosed. In […]

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At $53 million, Drizly places #4 in winetech funding, but #1 in the total number of investors.

June 6, 2018

Local alcoholic beverage delivery service Drizly has rasised a total of $53 million so from 23 total investors — 19 in one single round! Recent Drizly News Adult Beverage E-commerce Leader Drizly To Open San Francisco Tech Hub Ex-Voss CEO Jack Belsito Joins First Beverage Ventures Previous Wine Industry Insight/Wine Executive News funding articles Vivino […]

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Vivino surfs to online prominence atop a wave of pure Euro Cash

May 31, 2018

While American high-tech venture capital garners most international headlines, Vivino has surfed its way to consumer wine prominence atop a wave of Euro investment that tops $56.3 million. Other than a UK firm (still bre-Brexit) and unspecified angel-sized contributions from a U.S. fund organized by a group of professional athletes, the Vivino financial engine burns […]

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SOMM star sued by Napa Valley event and tour company

May 30, 2018

Has SOMM star Dustin Wilson followed his verve across a forbidden legal line with his retail operation and associated businesses? Napa Valley luxury wine event and tour company founder Mary T. Beller thinks so. Beller, who owns Verve Wine Country LLC (aka Verve Napa Valley) has sued Verve Management LLC — owned by Wilson and […]

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Wine.Com’s $140 million funding foundation takes #1 position in WII’s wine venture funding series

May 16, 2018

Wine.Com is truly the last company standing that grew out of the early bleeding edge of wine e-commerce. The current Wine.Com — and its total funding — is an outgrowth of eVineyard whose components along the way include Virtual Vineyards, WineShopper.Com, and a previous operation purchased by eVineyard.. In 2017 company statements, the current […]

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List of top 50 wine business venture funding + Coravin #1in total financing

May 8, 2018

A note from Wine Industry Insight Publisher and Executive Editor Lewis Perdue about this article and the regular series to come: “As noted in the disclaimer in both charts below, we recognize that the data we have reluctantly extracted from our research into private fundings will always be incomplete thanks to the lack of transparency […]

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Drinks.Com sues WineDirect alleging substandard shipping service; WD countersues

May 1, 2018

Drinks Holdings Inc. (DHI) — best known for its Drinks.Com direct wine sales — has sued ecommerce and fulfillment company, WineDirect (WD) in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging breach of contract, fraud, misrepresentation, and unfair competition. The suit was brought by DHI and its allied company, Hemispheres against WD and its Chief Executive Officer […]

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OIV: Global wine volume drops to 60-year low. Full presentation link, below

April 24, 2018

On April 24, the Director General of the OIV, Jean-Marie Aurand, presented information on the potential wine production, assessment of the harvest, and state of the market and international trade in 2017 at the Organisation’s headquarters in Paris on 24 April. HIGHLIGHTS With 7.6 mha in 2017, the size of the global area under vines […]

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