At $20 million, Vinfolio — after 15 years of financial instability — moves into #12 position in wine tech funding series

October 17, 2018

NOTE: Given the wine industry’s general lack of financial transparency, the confirmed investments in this article are most likely lower than actual amounts. Wine Industry Insight sent a courtesy draft of this chart to the company and requested any corrections or comments. No response was received.   Vinfolio was founded in 2003 by wine collector […]

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Saucey ranks #13 in wine venture funding survey, #2 in on-demand delivery

October 10, 2018

On-demand delivery service Saucey ranks #13 in Wine Industry Insight’s wine venture funding survey with $10.2 million in investments. That compares with competitor Drizly’s $53 million which is ranked #5 in overall venture funding and #1 in the on-demand market. Data in this segment is fragmented, and this ranking could change as more data is […]

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Murky personal data rules and a “Catch 22” ToS from email vendors may be dangerous for your company health

October 4, 2018

This is the first of a multi-article series. Source: eMarketer More than 80% of online marketers are concerned that marketing tech vendors might expose their companies to legal risks. Facebook’s latest data breach affecting more than 50 million accounts certainly amps up worries because the #1 social media site serves as a vendor to nearly […]

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Plum Wine rounds out top 10 Wine Tech Fundings

August 28, 2018

About retails for $1,999 and, according to Williams-Sonoma:   Automatically identifies each wine label with a built-in camera and database of more than 6 million wines. Provides content about winemaker, region, vintage, varietal and wine. Automatically chills two bottles independently to the optimal serving temperature for each varietal. Automatically pours wine in customizable […]

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eSkye Solutions moves up to #4 in wine-tech funding. Overall rankings adjusted by new data.

August 15, 2018

Ninth in a series. eSkye Solutions — acquired by iControl (iControl Data Solutions) in 2017 — has moved into the #4 position as a result of new information received by Wine Executive News. eSkye offers an Electronic Exchange Solution (EES) for Beer, Wine and Spirits distributors and retailers to synchronize product data, pricing and promotional […]

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Vinventions restructures company finances, moves into #1 position in wine venture investments ahead of Wine.Com

July 25, 2018

Wine Industry Insight’s most recent update of financial information shows that Vinventions (formerly Nomacorc) has now moved into the #1 position in wine venture investments with a $149 million refinancing. That moves Vinventions just ahead of Wine.Com which is in second position with $140 million. Vinventions is an integrated closures company which began as Nomacorc, […]

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Codorniu Outside Shareholders Scramble For An Exit (from WEN 2014)

June 29, 2018

All of the non-family shareholders in Grupo Codorniu are disappointed in the company’s financial performance and are shopping a prospectus to sell their holdings. According to sources in Europe and confirmed by other international players who have shared parts of the prospectus with Wine Executive News, the non-Ravento-family holdings amount to 20% of the Spanish […]

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Codorniu Mismanaging Aveniu Brands Into The Ground (from WEN 2014)

Codorniu has steered Aveniu Brands toward disaster, thanks to the Spanish firm’s long-distance micromanagement and an inability to move quickly in a changing market. Insiders and sources close to the ongoing trials and tribulations say that Aveniu has lost its largest winery client, many other major brands, is on the verge of losing more and, […]

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