TTB’s Appellation System Dysfunctional, Outdated – Designed for Insiders

December 16, 2008

Note: Links to a full-scale and detailed map and a .pdf of the entire Gallo proposal are below. “I note, and object to the fact that the application of the petitioner [E&J Gallo] is not publicly available for review and comment. Although certain information is quoted in the [TTB] Notice [#90 to expand the Russian […]

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Gallo’s Two Rock Vineyard – Lack of Transparency Questions Legitimacy of Process

December 15, 2008

Looking at the TTB’s process for expanding the Russian River Valley AVA shows a lack of transparency, bureaucratic disorganization, fractured filings and missing information. The chaotic and obscure character of the process makes it more probable that the TTB’s decision will be made on the basis of spin, hyperbole, lobbying and hearsay rather than on […]

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Copia Headed For Liquidation

December 12, 2008

As WII reported on Tuesday, Copia’s board is looking for an orderly wind-down, is headed for liquidation, and is unlikely ever to open again. “It’s over,” one board member told Wine Industry Insight Friday morning. “We’ve met; we’ve talked; we’ve come up with no options other than an orderly end. Copia previously locked its doors, […]

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Grower Says Russan River AVA Expansion Could Increase Gallo Revenues $3 million Per Year

December 11, 2008

Wine grape grower Paul Bialla of Windsor asserted that E&J Gallo stands to reap as much as $3 million per year if the expansion of the Russian River Valley AVA is approved. In his comment filed with the TTB opposing the expansion, (full text here) he asserted that: “There is no question but that the […]

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TTB To Close Comments Dec 19 for Proposed Expansions of the Russian River Valley and Northern Sonoma Viticultural Areas

Notice No. 90, Proposed Expansions of the Russian River Valley and Northern Sonoma Viticultural Areas. Comments on this notice are now due on or before December 19, 2008 (see Notice No. 91). To submit comments online, or to view all comments received, visit, go to Docket No. TTB–2008–0009. To submit comments by postal mail, […]

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Grower Pays $1.7 MM Lesson in Sex Discrimination Case; Lessons Widely Applicable

December 10, 2008

Table grapes aren’t Cabernet and Delano isn’t Napa Valley, but the $1.68 million lesson learned by the “Kovacevich 5” farming partnership in Tulare County should not go unheeded by growers of any sort, anywhere. In the fall of 2002, Erica Hernandez went with a group of friend and applied for a job with Delano, California-based […]

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Copia To Fold? Judge Denies "Super Priority" Request

December 9, 2008

A member of the Copia Board of directors told Wine Industry Insight this afternoon that Judge Alan Jaroslovsky has denied Copia’s request for “super priority” status. “This could be the end of things,” the board member said.”Without the debtor-in-possession financing, there isn’t a lot we can do but rearrange deck chairs. I fear that Copia […]

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Copia’s $125-Million Crash

December 8, 2008

Copyright 2008, Lewis Perdue and Wine Industry InsightTemporary home: [Please note: this is a summary and the first of a series on the Copia bankruptcy.] The late Robert Mondavi’s dream of establishing a wine and food legacy in a depressed section of Napa, California, has turned into a $125 million financial debacle that could […]

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