Water Lawsuit Heats Up: Districts Request Injunction Against Feds, Green Groups Want To Intervene

April 30, 2009

The people on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley are suffering, “from a disaster that if caused by nature would demand immediate actions by federal and state Emergency agencies.” — Central Valley water district’s request for an injunction to block water cutbacks. I personally swim, boat, fish and bird-watch in the Bay-Delta estuary […]

Could Obama Endangered Species Decision Help Central Valley Water Lawsuit?

California’s water controversies — including the recent Central Valley Project lawsuit —  grew more complicated Tuesday with the  Obama Administration’s reversal of an  Endangered Species Act (ESA) decision made by the Bush Administration. The decision reinstates a rule from section 7 of the ESA requiring all federal agencies to consult with the U.S. Fish and […]

THE VALUE OF ZERO: Expanding the Market Beyond Wine’s Super Core

April 27, 2009

In the world of Sherlock Holmes, the biggest clue of all can be the dog that didn’t bark. Indeed, the missing clue to greater sales just might be asking the right question about what isn’t happening. Take the Wine Market Council’s latest offering: “Snapshot Report: Super Core Wine Drinkers.” This peek at the group’s consumer […]

Gallo Gets “Good Deal” On Illegal Russian River Water Diversion

April 23, 2009

For more than three years, the E. & J. Gallo Winery has illegally diverted Russian River water and improperly stored it, according to an  Administrative Civil Liability Complaint filed by the California Water Resources Control Board (WRCB) on April 20. The WRCB complaint said Gallo’s actions deprived downstream water users, gained it an improper financial […]

Stevenot: Trustee Fight Heats Up, Mismanagement, “Bogus” Tax Returns Charged

Bankruptcy Trustee supporters — including attorneys for the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) — will square off in court April 27 with Stevenot Winery and its supporters who have opposed the trustee appointment with increasingly heated language. DOJ DISHES OUT ACCUSATIONS OF INCOMPETENCE AND MISMANAGEMENT In his statement filed with the Bankruptcy Court, Justice Department […]

Gallo Cuts Off Distributor, Sues To Make Sure They Stay Cut off

April 22, 2009

For years,  Calmont Beverage Company of Barre, Vermont, had sold several brands of Spanish and Argentinian wines purchasing them first through Billington Wines and later from M.S. Walker, Inc. Those brands included: Las Rocas brands made by Spain’s Bodegas San Alejandro and Alamos brands made by Argentina’s  Bodegas Esmeralda, S.A. GALLO TAKES OVER BRANDS, CUTS […]

Cosentino Scrambles For Shelter To Stay Ahead Of Lawsuits

April 17, 2009

Lawsuits in San Joaquin County have forced Cosentino Signature Wines PLC’s (MCOZ.L) to scramble for new venues where it can continue winemaking and tasting room operations. Multiple sources have confirmed that, after Cosentino hurriedly vacated its Lodi-area wineries, it placed its wine from there — and possibly some equipment — at other area wineries which […]

Cosentino Winery’s Financial & Legal Woes Gathering Momentum

April 15, 2009

The recent announcements from Cosentino Winery that it had abandoned most of its vineyards and wineries and defaulted on the interest payments due on $18 million in debt may be just a prelude to a gathering storm of lawsuits and financial crises. Wine Industry Insight’s examination of public records, court documents and securities filings show […]

Wine Brand Winners and Losers For March

April 13, 2009

Data from Information Resources Inc. (IRI) shows that the four-week period ending March 22 brutalized a host of well-known names, leaving such formerly hot brands as Robert Mondavi, Turning Leaf, Smoking Loon, Gallo Family Vineyards and Pepperwood Grove with dollar sales declines of 20 to 40 percent. On the positive side, Wine Industry Insight’s custom […]