Winery & Vineyards: The Afghanistan Of Investment

November 15, 2011

Investments in California wineries and vineyards have long been the Afghanistan for major investors. The field is enticing. The subject appealing. Especially so for investment managers who like what the British would call a “top drop.” But like the British and a lot of other powerful and intelligent people over the ages who thought they […]

Eos Estates Winery & Vineyard Real Estate Sold To SoCal Real Estate Tycoon

November 3, 2011

Entertainment Properties Trust (NYSE: EPR) has sold the former Eos Estate Winery facility and the accompanying 60-acre vineyard to a newly formed, secretive Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) backed by an Iranian-American immigrant born into poverty who raised himself by his bootstraps and built a sprawling, successful real-estate empire in Southern California. EOS STRUGGLING FOR YEARS […]