The Wine Industry’s New Financial Heavyweight Player

September 18, 2014

The backer behind the recent acquisitions of WineWare, eWinery Solutions and WineWeb is UK-native Michael Greenough  — an über-savvy, successful, no-nonsense, straight-talking M&A and corporate turn-around player with a personal bankroll big enough to go eye-to-eye with Bill Foley. “Mike”as he prefers, earned big-time street cred while at Cerberus and since, has rolled through one success […]

Hill Wine Debacle: Napa Valley Cab: $2.93/Bottle, $5/Gal

September 12, 2014

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hill Family Estate as well as William Hill Estate Winery, are not affiliated with, nor owned by the same families as The Hill Wine Company in this and previous bankruptcy articles. The Hill Wine Company Chapter 7 bankruptcy is stumbling towards complete liquidation via auction, foreclosure, eviction, and trustee asset sale. That’s resulted […]