2 Bello bankruptcy clawback victims strike back with their own lawsuits

January 25, 2016

By Jeff Siegel, Contributing Editor and Lewis Perdue, Executive Editor What do you do when you’re forced to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars — or more — that you’ve earned because a bankruptcy court determines that you got improper payments from an insolvent company or person? Your only alternative is to sue the […]

The list of 82 clawback victims in Bello’s Wall Design Bankruptcy

January 24, 2016

The List: Tasting Room Designer Among Bello Bankruptcy’s 82 “Clawback” Victims Rey Viquez (Tasting toom designer), MGM Grand Hotel, LLC, Renix Corporation Preferred Bank Richard Taylor Associates, Inc., BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., Toby M. Hendricks Mylo Marq Inc., G. Grisamore Design, Inc. Illum Lighting Design, LLC. The Last Layer, Inc. AV Audiovisions, Inc. Daniel Scott […]

The complete, text-searchable document listing all of Premier Cru’s 5,000+ victims

January 19, 2016

The Premier Cru implosion and subsequent Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing have left a lot of jaws dropping, especially a court filing that shows the company with assets of about $7 million and debts of more than $70 million– almost all of which is unsecured and will be crammed down to breathtakingly small levels. In addition, […]