Appeals Board Opinion Tears Into ABC and ALJ on Tied-House Rules, Schools Them on The Differences Between Evidence and Speculation

April 18, 2016

The following excerpts (in red) from the Appeals Board’s opinions exemplify its sharp criticism of the ABC and the ALJs in the 2013 Bottlerock tied-house cases. These excerpts are a sample, but not a complete compendium of all the Board’s extensive negative comments. Bold, italic emphasis has been added as well as underlines and additional […]

What is “tied-house” and why is it a thing?

Direct excepts from the Appeals Board’s opinions Footnotes and citations have been omitted and extra paragraph breaks added for readability. At the heart of the tied-house issues in this case are: California Business and Professions Code section 25500, subdivision (a)(2) (hereinafter, section “tied-house” prohibition) which says that winegrowers cannot ” Furnish, give, or lend any […]

Calif ABC Handed Its Head In A Bag By Appeals Board Which Rips Agency and Rejects Its Winery-Bottlerock Tied-House Cases

The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has been handed its regulatory head in a bag by the ABC Appeals Board which resoundingly rejected every tied-house allegation the ABC used to prosecute 37 wineries along with Southern Wine & Spirits over alleged violations connected with the 2013 Bottlerock concert in Napa. Appeals Board excoriates the […]