Bill Hambrecht Hit By New Multi-Million-Dollar Federal Lawsuit

May 24, 2016

Yet another multi-million-dollar lawsuit over unkept personal guarantees has been filed against financier/vintner William R. “Bill” Hambrecht. Hambrecht has lost a steady series of similar lawsuits among more than $22.5 million in judgments since April 2012. (See links at the bottom of this article for Wine Industry Insight coverage.) Hambrecht’s failure to disclose those judgments […]

Lead, cancer, arsenic and now BPA — A new Prop 65 warning requirement hits food, alcoholic beverage retailers, but uncertainty clouds the legal and regulatory environment. Read this to stay out of the crossfire.

May 17, 2016

  A consortium of 15 food and alcoholic beverage trade groups have sent all of their California members the offer of a free Prop 65 warning sign for BPA and stern advice to post the sign immediately at cash registers. Most holders of California ABC retail licenses received their signs in the mail within the […]

Trade a bottle go to jail? That’s what the Calif ABC may have in mind if you use this new app.

May 12, 2016

If you — a private citizen without an alcoholic beverage license — want to exchange a bottle of your wine, spirits, craft beer or cider for another one offered by a like-minded (and equally unlicensed) private citizen, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control wants you to know they want to prosecute you. And if […]