Kunde, Vintage Wine Estates Continue Smoke Taint Insurance complaints as individual cases in Federal court

January 28, 2020

Kunde Winery and Vintage Wine Estates (VWE) have renewed their battle with their insurance companies charging that valid claims for almost $20 million in smoke-tainted wines from 2017 were not covered. The two wine companies filed suit last fall in Sonoma County Superior Court against National Surety Corporation (Allianz), Certain Underwriters At Lloyd’s, London – […]

Mailchimp can be a black hole of privacy liabilities for its users

Note: Mailchimp’s terminology is frequently confusing throughout its Terms of Service and other extensive legal verbiage. The term “Member” is often used by Mailchimp in reference to the party sending mails. In some contexts, this is also called “Customer.” Customer can also refer to prospective customers visiting the Mailchimp site before becoming a Member. To […]