Ratings & reviews are useless for wine and movie recommendations, so Netflix killed them and embraced Big Data

March 23, 2021

This is #5 in Wine Industry Insight’s in-depth series about the quest for the Netflix of wine Article #1: How A Netflix-Style Recommender Is Vital to Reversing Wine’s Market Marginalization Article #2: Why solving the “Paradox of Choice” is a major reason Netflix’s recommender is worth $1 Bil/yr. And why wine fails at that. Article […]

Canadian SPAC punts on pot, pivots to premium US wine in last-minute hunt for quality. (Then becomes US citizen!)

March 7, 2021

By Lewis Perdue Publisher, Executive Editor, Wine Industry Insight In December 2020, a $360 million cannabis-oriented Canadian (SPAC) sponsored by a combination of US and London-based executives had looked at (and rejected) more than 100 companies. As the game clock ran down toward the SPAC equivalent of a two-minute warning, the team realized it needed […]