Riboli drilling test water wells for possible Rabbit Ridge Winery Purchase

October 19, 2021

Full text, Riboli Declaration (premium subscriber link) Riboli Paso Robles, LLC.,  has expressed interest in buying the Rabbit Ridge Winery and its vineyards. The LLC, an entity formed by the owners of San Antonio Winery, Inc. for the purchase of real estate properties, is currently drilling test wells to see if they would move forward. […]

Step-by-step: The alleged Reimers/Torick/Langtry conspiracy as charged in court papers

October 4, 2021

Previous court filings reported by Wine Industry Insight (links below) contained relatively non-specific and often incomplete details about the case. June 24, 2021: Were smoke-impacted grapes & wine laundered? Lake County Court Battle Highlights Taint Ambiguities & Winery-Grower Tension June 18 2021: Grape insurance fraud allegations, smoke taint damages to oak tanks, and the perils […]