Bankruptcy Trustee Rips Into Rabbit Ridge Owner In Contempt Of Court Battle

July 27, 2022

WII Editor’s note:The following is the beginning summary of Court Document ECF-352 -Trustee Reply To Codding Opposition To Contempt. The complete 111-page document available to Wine Executive News premium subscribers as are redacted portions in this article. Paragraphs have been added to increase readability. Subheads and any other text not included in the original document […]

Patent Lawsuit Against Gallo by Vineyard Investigations May Be Nearing End

July 20, 2022

When scientist/vintner and Vineyard Investigations, Inc. (VII) owner Paul Skinner approached E. & J. Gallo in May 2017 about his new inventions for precision viticulture, he had no idea that would open the door to an extensive, five-year lawsuit and federal court trial to defend his patents for a system of automated crop monitoring maintenance […]